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sAs early as next week, the rand may crash… Gold could jump to $3,000 an ounce… The JSE could fall … But a select group of MoneyMorning readers will already be positioned to profit. 

Now you can get your hands on some of the JSE's best investment opportunities in one simple step

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Dear Reader,

It could happen any day now…

The rand could plummet further on news of a downgrade, sending the JSE tumbling 500 points…

Or gold could soar to $3,000, as Currency Wars Jim Rickards is predicting…

Rising inflation could burst the $20 trillion U.S. Treasury bubble once and for all, dealing a massive blow to the economy…

Meanwhile, a handful of MoneyMorning readers will have a new opportunity – every week – to get richer.

How is that possible? Fact is, to find success in this increasingly volatile economy, you need two things.

First, you need expert intelligence on what's happening right now in the markets – and the safest sectors.

Second, you need to know the precise investments for turning that intelligence into big gains.

Well, for the first time in our 17-year history, we're about to provide this powerful moneymaking punch to FSPInvest readers

From now on, you can receive your normal daily issues of MoneyMorning, you'll receive a specific investment recommendation designed to make you tons of money.

Even better, the recommendations will come from FSPInvest’s expert group of investors, portfolio managers, asset managers and investment analysts

Others have paid more than R10,000 to access all of FSPInvest’s premium research – and understandably so.

But now you won't have to pay thousands to access specific recommendations from the MoneyMorning team.

Because I convinced the FSPInvest team to let me publish select picks from their premium research services right here, alongside your normal issues of MoneyMorning.

These picks will show you – specifically – how to turn each week’s issue into potential windfall gains.

We call this supercharged version of our e-letter MoneyMorning Premium.

Over the next few minutes, I'll show you how to activate your MoneyMorning Premium subscription in time for our first pick.

What's more, you'll discover how simple it could be to turn every single issue of MoneyMorning Premium into enormous gains… week after week.

But first, please allow me to introduce myself…

The Greatest Moneymaking Plays
Delivered to You WEEKLY

My name is Joshua Benton.

Joshua Benton is the editor of FSPInvest's most consistent performing investment newsletter, Real Wealth which has returned an average 35% yearly return over the past seven years.

He's also the editor of the exclusive South African Investor. Through his work, Joshua has built relationships with a network of global and local economic thought leaders, including Chris Hart, Dawie Roodt, Leon Louw and Dan Denning.

These high-level connections allow Joshua to give his readers 'inside' investment insights unavailable anywhere else.

I'm the Editor of MoneyMorning – one of the most respected financial e-letters in the South Africa.

For more than 17 years, from our offices here in North Riding, Johannesburg, we've provided our readers with unusual investment ideas they simply can't find in places likeFin24 and Business Day.

But the fact is, MoneyMorning readers have only caught a glimpse of our experts' powerful insights…

That's why I'm so pleased to share MoneyMorning Premium with you.

In addition to our normal daily content, this special "enhanced" version of our e-letter contains FSPInvest’s specific recommendations for how to best take advantage of weekly investment opportunities.

For example, if Red Hot Penny Shares analyst, Francois Joubert writes about penny shares on Wednesday – you'll get his favourite penny share pick to go along with it!

And you can be confident in the recommendations because each one will be backed by Francois’ expertise – and dozens of hours of research.

What's more, you'll receive similar recommendations weekly on a Wednesday in your issue of MoneyMorning Premium, as part of your Premium benefits.

So how can you upgrade to this "enhanced" version of MoneyMorning? And how much will it cost to access FSPInvest team of experts proprietary stock picks?

You can upgrade your subscription today for less than R1.50 a day.

Indeed,MoneyMorning Premium could be the smartest investment you'll make this year – and certainly the most economical.

That's especially true considering it would normally cost more than R10,000 to subscribe to all of FSPInvest’s elite newsletter research advisory services.

So why would they agree to provide some of their most valuable research to you for about R1.50 a day? Let me provide a bit of background…

Receive the Same Cutting-Edge Plays
Once Reserved for FSPInvest’s Premium Subscribers ONLY

As Editor in Chief of FSPInvest I had virtually unlimited access to all of their personal research… and biggest plays.

After a while I noticed something…

The FSPInvest team would write and research articles for MoneyMorning on important, timely topics.

And then often – just days later – they'd release a recommendation to their premium subscribers related to that very same topic.

Useful information to be sure. But what they didn't share with readers was the name of the specific investment recommendation they were eyeing.

That's exactly why I approached them this year with a proposal:

Let us run select recommendations from your paid research alongside your MoneyMorning . This way, our readers can get a taste of the incredible opportunities your research provides…

The team agreed, and I'm delighted they did. You see, MoneyMorning Premium will give subscribers the opportunity to score double-digit gains on dozens of plays issued weekly on a Wednesday.

But it gets even better…

Let Our Experts Help You Make
Double-Digit Gains on a Weekly Occurrence

Not only has the FSPInvest team agreed to share select recommendations from their paid, premium research… so have all our top experts.

That includes Francois Joubert, Editor of Red Hot Penny Shares and Gavin McCarter, one of our top contributors to name a few.

And you'll have the opportunity to turn these recommendations into piles of cash by signing up for MoneyMorning Premium.
For example…

2 weeks ago, on the 18th of July, Francois shared full details on why he was so excited about this little logistics company, Stor-Age.

By the 24th of July, this company's share price had already jumped 6% in just one week.

As an MoneyMorning Premium subscriber, you can be privy to these kinds of explosive recommendations…

But it's not only Francois who will contribute their best paid research to our new publication. You'll get picks from Real Wealth and South African Investor.

For example…

We picked PSG Holdings  on 20 June 2017.
We sent full details on why we thought it was a buy -  and just five weeks later, it’s already up 10.5%
And at the time of publication of this report, we sent another email notifying readers to buy RMI Holdings on 6 June -  and 8 weeks later, it’s up 7.56%

One more example…

On 8 February 2017, Wealth Manager of Prodigy Asset Management Guy Algeo explained how strong growth from Curro and Capitec meant even more gains for this one company. And so far it’s up 11%.

These are the kinds of specific recommendations MoneyMorning Premium subscribers can expect every single week.

You'll discover the best ways to profit from precious metals… stocks… oil… cutting-edge technology… the Rand’s uncertain future… green energy trends… Africa…

You name it.

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Our Experts Know How to Navigate the Most Volatile Markets
to Find the Biggest Gains

Fact is, no matter which way the markets turn, our roster of investment mavericks can give you their precise, best recommendations for profiting.

But that's not all…

In addition to these market experts, MoneyMorning Premium has an impressive group of guest contributors as well.

MoneyMorning Premium subscribers will receive their valuable expertise along with timely, related picks capable of boosting their profits exponentially.

And they'll get it all without spending thousands on expensive premium services…

  Upgrade My MoneyMorning Now!

Receive Five Times the Recommendations Without Paying Premium Service Prices

Normally, you'd have to pay anywhere from R800 to R2,000 to access each of Francois and Joshua’s premium research services.

Considering the track records and the number of people who constantly renew for their research services, that's a bargain. But because all six of these experts contribute to MoneyMorning, we've been afforded an amazing opportunity…

To arrange special deals with each of them and run some of their select picks weekly on a Wednesday in  MoneyMorning Premium.

Simply agree to upgrade your subscription and you'll receive at least 4 new recommendations every month that could send your profits soaring.

Once again, each will come from the proprietary research of our top gurus – the same men whose recent plays have generated gains such as 50%… 101%… even 200%… in spite of these crazy markets.

Just imagine what receiving recommendations like these FOUR TIMES A MONTH could do for your portfolio!

Not that you have to jump on every opportunity we send you. That's the beauty of receiving 45-plus recommendations annually; you can afford to be choosy and still have plenty of opportunities to nab massive gains.

For example, here's what a single week could look like (based on real plays):
Week one:
Francois Joubert recommends a technological company that will profit from Tesla's technological revolution – it jumps 16.4% in one month.

Week two:
Joshua Benton recommends a technology company that will profit from South Africa's $10.5 billion ICT expenditure - it soared 16% in 1 months.

Week three:
Guy Algeo recommends an investment holding company with interests in four fast-growing JSE companies – it gains 11% in two months.

Week four:
Gary Booysen recommends you short one of South Africa’s biggest bank – you gain 8.6% in 17 days.

Up until now, access to the research that produced these gains could have cost you thousands annually in subscription fees.

But now, for the first time, you can gain access to some of the very same picks from among all our high-level research for just R10 a week – less than R1.50 a day.

You heard me right…

The Best of More Than R10,000-worth of Market Research for R10 a week

That's the same you'd pay for a meal at McDonalds once a month… for some of the best investment research in the world, from over R10,000 worth of our premium newsletters… delivered to you on a silver platter, every week on a Wednesday.

Not only that – you'll likely get four times more picks from MoneyMorning Premium in one year than you would get in a whole year from all premium research services.

PLUS, we'll archive every one of our plays online – they're available 24 hours a day on a password-protected site you can access anywhere. So you'll never risk missing a single gain.

Sign up today and you'll receive some of the same opportunities to profit.

Except, if you sign up today, you will be charged just R10 a week.
That's why I strongly urge you to sign up now. I don't know if I'll be able to offer MoneyMorning Premium at this low price for much longer…

You Must Upgrade Now to Lock in That Unbeatable Price of Just R10/week…

The higher-ups have only approved my plan on a "temporary basis." As early as next month, I may be forced to raise the price significantly. Plans are already in the works for new premium research services, driving up the value of MoneyMorning Premium significantly.

Of course, even if we double the price it would still be a bargain.

But by signing up today, you can lock in this low rate for as long as you're a subscriber.

Just to let you know, because the cost is so small, we cannot offer refunds. It just doesn’t make sense because the cost is so small and the administration costs too high. The bonus is we’ve also negotiated a R50 investment voucher through easy Equities to get your investing started.  So your first share investment is on the house!
So you’ve got nothing to lose, try Money Morning Premium for a month, check out the share tips we publish on Wednesdays, open your account with EasyEquities, invest your R50 voucher and if you decide it’s not for you, you're completely free to cancel at any time, though I sincerely doubt you'll need to take us up on that.

Because, as far as I'm concerned, this is the best deal in the financial publishing world.

Just look at how much more you'll get with a subscription to MoneyMorning Premuim:

It's truly unprecedented…

Gain Access to Our Most Incredible Market Research Just Days From Now…

For the first time in our more than 17-year history, the only thing standing between MoneyMorning readers and the explosive plays normally reserved for subscribers of our premium research is less than R1.50 a day.

And starting as soon as Wednesday, you could receive your first of more than four recommendations each month, featuring an explosive investment hand-selected by one of our top experts.

Plus 24-hour access to an online archive of e-letters and picks.

I sincerely hope you'll take advantage of this offer.

Good investing,
Joshua Benton,
Editor, MoneyMorning Premium
P.S. Don’t forget your R50 Easy Equities voucher you receive when you sign up – yours to trade with straight away.

P.P.S. I may only be able to offer this R10 a week deal for a limited time. As early as next month, I may be forced to jack up the price by 100% or more. That's why I'm urging you to activate your MoneyMorning Premium subscription right now. (It's the only way to guarantee you receive next Monday's "enhanced" issue – featuring what may be our most explosive pick yet.) Others pay over R10,000 to access this intelligence – you'll pay only R10 a week. But only if you order now.

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